Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Mark Edwards becomes a Tiger Scheme Qualified Security Tester

Despite a wealth of security focused accreditations, Capital Network Solutions is proud to announce that Mark Edwards has recently become a Tiger Scheme Qualified Security Tester (QST) with Distinction.

"With the ever increasing range of security threats, it is vital that we continually educate ourselves to ensure that we are providing the best possible service to our customers who entrust us with their critical business infrastructure", commented Mark.

Mark continued "As a company we have made a decision that with the increasing range of security services that we are providing we would like to work towards CHECK accreditation so this is an important step towards this."

We are now able to provide the below range of advanced security services including:
Network Penetration Testing
Ethical Hacking
Security Auditing Services
Advanced Security Network Design, Installation and Managed Services
Network Security Hardening

The TIGER Scheme Qualified Security Tester (QST) Course focuses on the following areas:
Information Security in the Corporate World
Professionalism & Communication Skills
Ethics & The Law
Core Network Protocols
Network Enumeration & Network Mapping
Network Device Management & Exploitation
Service Enumeration
Service Topology/Dependency Mapping
Service Management & Exploitation
Application Enumeration & Profiling
Application & Operating System (OS) Management
Application/OS Exploitation & Manipulation

Key points covered:
Key security standards and issues
Professional / ethical behaviour in the area of vulnerability testing
Key communications and project management skills for vulnerability testing
The OSI model of networking
IP, TCP, UDP and ICMP protocols including IP based routing and the TCP state chart
Key network services including DNS
How a TCP/IP network can be profiled and have its topology mapped
How to configure and manage a network device
How to subvert a network and bypass network based security mechanisms
The role and function of service in a network enabled environment and the techniques associated with service enumeration
How critical service dependences within a network enabled environment can be enumerated and validated
How services should be managed and can be manipulated and exploited
How applications and operating systems should be configured and managed, and the ways in which they can be subverted.

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